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The senior lawyers of the firm have many years of combined legal experience in Romania and other jurisdictions including the United States of America. This experience has been gained by involvement in transactions of all sizes and in many disciplines in the private and public sector. The transactions handles by our senior lawyers range from assisting small and medium size enterprises to advising major multinational companies.
 The experience of the lawyers ranges over all the major aspects of law to enable clients to be given legal advice in a timely and cost efficient manner. As we foster amongst the partners and staff a collaborative culture this allows each lawyer to draw freely on the expertise and time of others to serve any client. We balance the two major legal disciplines, the Common Law and the Code Law, with a thorough understanding of the law with an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. Our practice is constantly evolving in response to our clients’ needs, the demands of the evolving market in Romania’ and the emergence of new technologies.
 This allows the firms lawyers to enjoy an excellent professional reputation both on the market and with the Romanian authorities.
 The firm stands for a steadfast commitment to the highest standards of everything we do – this commitment is reflected in the success of our clients. Their success is our success.

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